Purposeful Teas is a comprehensive line of 44 professionally-formulated herbal blends. Developed as a modular system, these proprietary blends are best used by intentionally combining two or more. With some guidance from a trained practitioner, you can learn to use this system to create the optimal tea of the day.

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The teas are nestled into 6 color-coded categories:

  • Reclaim Your Joy
  • Return to Normal
  • Live in Comfort
  • Balance the Feminine
  • Breathe & Defend
  • Support Your Radiance
  • Eat with Ease

Our handcrafted herbal blends are:

  • Consciously-sourced
  • Made from organic herbs as much as possible
  • Sulfur- and preservative-free
  • Tested to ensure the purity and integrity of each plant species
  • Supported by certificates of analysis

Creams, Ointments & Liniments

Your skin is your largest organ, so your topical products should be chosen carefully. Our handcrafted topicals are made with all natural, high quality, non-toxic ingredients. Because they are preservative-free, they are best if kept refrigerated.